Making Car Buying Online Easy

Who We Are

buyZeeba is an e-commerce platform for buying and selling commercial vehicles. We cater to single purchasers and up to commercial fleet buyers with high volume orders. We are a virtual dealership that buyZeeba utilizes the fleet of leasing and car rental companies; therefore, our large commercial fleet size throughout the Pacific West Coast can be available to more than just a few. buyZeeba is committed to become the ‘go-to’ dealership for van buyers in United States.

To Our Customers

We Promise

We are determined to follow a very strict business model visioned by the founders of buyZeeba in order to deliver what we promise. We promise simple, honest, and competitive rates with quality vehicles. Our loyalty to our buyers does not differ by the number of vehicles purchased from us. buyZeeba has a wide variety of buyers, including families, musicians, government agencies, and commercial fleet buyers who are all equally precious to buyZeeba.